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  How can I know you’re there, God? CAN I TRUST THE BIBLE? I began my first post by writing about the existence of God. The Bible begins with, “In the beginning God!” (Ge 1.1) Before there was a Bible, there was God – first, God; then the Bible! Following this logical approach, I think […]

Timeless = Eternal

  BASIC TRUTH – GOD EXISTS ETERNALLY The existence of our timeless God is presupposed in the very first line of the Bible.  His existence is basic and foundational to everything else that follows. He is eternally self-existent – timeless.  If you read the Bible through, you are likely to realize His presence and influence […]

Bible Basics for Beginners

IDENTIFYING OUR RESOURCE  – THE BIBLE, GOD’S WORD The Bible is recognized by most as being inspired by God as a basic guide on how to live. It introduces the eternal God Who made the universe and mankind; (God, the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.) It further establishes that mankind has been chosen […]