The Bible is recognized by most as being inspired by God as a basic guide on how to live. It introduces the eternal God Who made the universe and mankind; (God, the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.) It further establishes that mankind has been chosen to be in a righteous relationship with God, but that he has failed in that. Moreover, we are told of the plan of redemption that has been wrought for the reconciliation of the whole world through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Who also teaches us that He is coming a second time to set everything right and live among men. These are Timeless Bible Basics. That is, they transcend time and involve eternity. They reveal the Creator’s plan for His creation and His creatures so that we understand that He has a plan for each of us.

Hesitance, Hindrances & Helps

Everyone needs a source of guidance to help them through life, no matter what their status; Bible Basics offers such guidance. However, many don’t know how to begin. Parents often leave teaching their children up to the Sunday School teacher, Children’s Bible Clubs, or the preacher.  These are all good but it is important that parents accept the fact that they need to take responsibility for introducing their children to Bible truth.

The Tendency To Hesitate

There may be several reasons why people hesitate when contemplating matters concerning Basic Bible Truths.  First, society often views the Bible as obsolete and outdated, and so-called higher education seeks to eliminate its truths and claims in their world view.

Second, the multitudes want to feel that they have the answers within the confines of humanism and secularism.  Third, as a result of the first two reasons, many have neglected to consult the Bible for their world view and for the answers to their personal needs for a sense of purpose, peace of mind, and the insight we need for how to live.


Not only young people are beginners; they include anyone who, prior to an introduction to the Bible, has just begun to consult it, study it, meditate on it, and eventually practice it. Some are hindered because they have never had that initial introduction, teaching, and/or mentoring.

Many are hindered simply because they are preoccupied with temporal matters that seem more important to them than things eternal. Sadly, some are hindered when they see the complacent and comprising lifestyles of some who profess to be guided by the Bible.

Developing Helpful Habits

It is imperative that beginners have a plan for daily Bible reading.  It is generally good to start with a short term plan and then move into a plan for more in-depth study, where they will become familiar with the Bible Basics, and all the rest.

Depending on where you are in your Study, you can check out some of my recommendations for helpful materials in my Bible Study Helps Review.

Then there is the Church where the Bible is taught in classes, worship, and one on one. It will be helpful to find someone with whom you can share and be accountable. There may be home Bible studies which can be very helpful. In all of these places, you will find not only the basics taught, but God’s promises are revealed, and principles set forth for how to live.

Thankfully, the Lord has never left Himself without a witness. Although others may fail us, He makes Himself known in many ways: The creation, moral consciousness, The Holy Spirit, Life’s circumstances, and the historical person of Jesus Christ, and of course the Bible.

My hope is that through my website many might pursue the opportunity to discover these Timeless Bible Basics that will provide personal peace,  satisfaction, and hope for the future. Are you a beginner? There is no time like today to begin your journey!